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Comment from Scrooge, 3 letters

Physics Nobelist the year after Einstein won, 3 letters

House of Dior designer Marc, 5 letters

GSN Live cohost Heidi, 5 letters

A black tea, 5 letters

Black tea, 5 letters

Black tea variety, 5 letters

Chinese beverage, 5 letters

Chinese black tea, 5 letters

Chinese tea, 5 letters

Fujianese tea, 5 letters

Inferior black tea, 5 letters

Inferior grade of black tea, 5 letters

Inferior grade of tea, 5 letters

La ___ (opera), 6 letters

La ___ (Puccini classic), 6 letters

La ___: Puccini opera, 6 letters

Part of the R, 6 letters

Puccini's La ___, 6 letters

'A Scandal in ___' (Sherlock Holmes story), 7 letters

Artist's community, 7 letters

Artistic, unconventional community, 7 letters

Artsy area, 7 letters

Artsy district, 7 letters

Arty locality, 7 letters

Community for the avant-garde, 7 letters

Czech region, 7 letters

Czech Republic region, 7 letters

European kingdom until 1918, 7 letters

Former kingdom in the Czech Republic, 7 letters

In part of the Czech republic I'm held up by tea (7), 7 letters

Part of the Czech Republic, 7 letters

Prague's region, 7 letters

Region around Prague, 7 letters

Region ruled by the Hapsburgs for nearly four centuries, 7 letters

Scandal location in a Sherlock Holmes title, 7 letters

Thirty Years' War participant, 7 letters

Western part of the Czech Republic, 7 letters

A historical area and former kingdom in the Czech Republic, 7 letters

Actress with an arty affectation?, 13 letters

___ Rhapsody, 8 letters

___ Rhapsody (Queen), 8 letters

1920's Villager, 8 letters

Artsy, 8 letters

Avant-garde one, 8 letters

Smetana or Kafka, 8 letters

A member of a nomadic people originating in northern India and now living on all continents, 8 letters

A native or inhabitant of Bohemia in the Czech Republic, 8 letters

A nonconformist writer or artist who lives an unconventional life, 8 letters

Weird Al Yankovic parody of a Queen hit, 13 letters

Coffeehouse denizens, 9 letters

Convention flouters, 9 letters

Austrian opera conductor: 1894-1981, 4 letters

Conductor Karl, 4 letters

Grammy-winning conductor Karl, 4 letters

German mystic: 1575-1624, 5 letters

German mystic and theosophist who founded modern theosophy, 5 letters

Influenced George Fox (1575-1624), 5 letters

___-chic (fashion style), 4 letters

___-chic (women's fashion style), 4 letters

-- -chic (hippie-influenced fashion), 4 letters

Artsy, briefly, 4 letters

Eschewer of convention, in slang, 4 letters

Unconventional one, 4 letters

Fashion trend influenced by hippie culture, 8 letters

Hippie-influenced fashion trend, 8 letters

Hipsters, historically, 5 letters

Unconventional artists, in slang, 5 letters

___ theory, in physics, 4 letters

1922 Danish Nobelist, 4 letters

1922 Nobel Prize winner in physics, 4 letters

1922 Nobelist in physics, 4 letters

1922 Nobelist Niels, 4 letters

1922 physics Nobelist, 4 letters

1922 Physics Nobelist Niels, 4 letters

1922 Physics Nobelist... or his son, 1975 Physics Nobelist, 4 letters

Atom modeler, 4 letters

Atomic physicist, 4 letters

Atomic physicist Niels, 4 letters

Chemistry Nobelist Niels, 4 letters

Copenhagen scientist, 4 letters

Danish atomic physicist, 4 letters

Danish Nobel Prize winner, 4 letters

Danish Nobelist, 4 letters

Danish nobelist in physics, 4 letters

Danish Nobelist Niels, 4 letters

Danish nuclear physicist, 4 letters

Danish physicist, 4 letters

Danish physicist Niels, 4 letters

Danish physicist of note, 4 letters

Danish physics Nobelist, 4 letters

Danish physics Nobelist Niels, 4 letters

Einstein contemporary, 4 letters

Either of two Nobel-winning physicists, 4 letters

Famous physicist Niels, 4 letters

Father or son physics Nobelist, 4 letters

Los Alamos scientist, 4 letters

Niels the Nobelist, 4 letters

Nobel physicist in 1922 or 1975, 4 letters

Nobel physicist Niels, 4 letters

Nobel scientist Niels, 4 letters

Nobel-winning physicist for whom element #107 is named, 4 letters

Nobel-winning physicist Niels, 4 letters

Nobel-winning physicist Niels or Aage, 4 letters

Nobelist at Los Alamos, 4 letters

Nobelist in Physics: 1922, 4 letters

Nobelist name of 1922 and 1975, 4 letters

Nobelist Niels, 4 letters

Nobelist who famously told Einstein not to tell God what to do, 4 letters

Noted Los Alamos scientist, 4 letters

Nuclear Niels, 4 letters

Nuclear Nobelist, 4 letters

Nuclear Nobelist Niels, 4 letters

Nuclear physicist Niels ___, 4 letters

Nuclear theorist Niels, 4 letters

Physicist Niels, 4 letters

Physicist represented in the play Copenhagen, 4 letters

Physicist with an element named after him, 4 letters

Physics Nobelist Niels, 4 letters

Pioneer in quantum theory, 4 letters

Planck contemporary, 4 letters

Quantum physicist Niels, 4 letters

Quantum physics pioneer, 4 letters

Quantum theorist, 4 letters

Quantum theorist Niels, 4 letters

Quantum theory pioneer, 4 letters

The Bohr theory of the atom accounted for the spectrum of hydrogen (1885-1962), 4 letters

Danish physicist who studied atomic structure and radiations, 4 letters

Twosome that debated quantum mechanics at the Solvay Conference, 12 letters

Family of Danish physicists, 5 letters

Father-and-son Nobel physicists, 5 letters

Father-and-son Nobel Prize winners in physics, 5 letters

Father-and-son physics Nobelists, 5 letters

Nobel-winning father-and-son physicists, 5 letters

Related Nobel-winning physicists, 5 letters

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