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Jalalabad's loc., 3 letters

Kabul's country, to the IOC, 3 letters

Kabul's land: Abbr., 3 letters

Karzai's land: abbr., 3 letters

Neighbor of Pak., 3 letters

Pak. neighbor, 3 letters

Pak. neighbor, to the IOC, 3 letters

Kabul loc., 4 letters

Khyber Pass country: Abbr., 4 letters

Land liberated in 2001 (yeah, sure): Abbr., 4 letters

Neighbor of Pak., 4 letters

Site of 2001 mil. action, 4 letters

___ Whigs, 6 letters

Blanket or dog, 6 letters

Colorful coverlet, 6 letters

Coverlet, 6 letters

Coverlet with a geometric pattern, perhaps, 6 letters

Crocheted blanket, 6 letters

Crocheted coverlet, 6 letters

Crocheted item, 6 letters

Dog with a topknot, 6 letters

Hamid Karzai, notably, 6 letters

Kabul native, 6 letters

Karzai, e.g., 6 letters

Knitted blanket, 6 letters

Knitted covering, 6 letters

Knitted coverlet, 6 letters

Knitted quilt, 6 letters

Knitted throw, 6 letters

Knitter's project, 6 letters

Knitting project, 6 letters

Quilt alternative, 6 letters

Silky-coated hound, 6 letters

Silky-coated hunting hound, 6 letters

Soft blanket, 6 letters

Swift hound, 6 letters

Swift hunting hound, 6 letters

Thick-haired hound, 6 letters

Thick, comfy throw, 6 letters

Throw, 6 letters

Throw on the couch?, 6 letters

Woolen blanket, 6 letters

A blanket knitted or crocheted in strips or squares, 6 letters

Sometimes used as a shawl, 6 letters

A native or inhabitant of Afghanistan, 6 letters

An Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan, 6 letters

A coat made of sheepskin, 6 letters

Words escape President Karzai?, 14 letters

Hunting dog, 11 letters

Knitted blanket buff?, 11 letters

Large dog breed, 11 letters

Silky-coated hunting dog, 11 letters

Silky-haired dog, 11 letters

Presidential concern about a conflict between tall, skinny dogs?, 14 letters

Currency in Kabul, 7 letters

Kabul coin, 7 letters

Kabul currency, 7 letters

Kabul native, 7 letters

Kandahar resident, 7 letters

Khyber Pass traveler, 7 letters

Like President Hamid Karzai, 7 letters

Like President Karzai, 7 letters

Money of Kabul, 7 letters

Opium farmer, often, 7 letters

Pakastani neighbor, 7 letters

President Hamid Karzai, for one, 7 letters

The basic unit of money in Afghanistan, 7 letters

An Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan, 7 letters

Kandahar cash, 8 letters

Pakistanis' neighbors, 8 letters

Asian country, 11 letters

Canine country?, 11 letters

Flemish : Belgium :: Pashto : ___, 11 letters

It may attack Ukraine, even though they don't actually share a border, 11 letters

Part of Alexander the Great's conquest, today, 11 letters

Shocked that the Taliban blew up those ancient Buddhist statues, 11 letters

Bordered by Iran to the west and Russia to the north and Pakistan to the east and south, 11 letters

A mountainous landlocked country in central Asia, 11 letters

Kabul jazz artist?, 15 letters

Hamid Karzai, starting in 2004, 15 letters

Certain throws, 7 letters

Knitted blankets, 7 letters

Knitted covers, 7 letters

Knitted throws, 7 letters

Pashto speakers, 7 letters

Silky coated hounds, 7 letters

Some blankets, 7 letters

Woolen blankets, 7 letters

Ad placed by a restless doggie?, 16 letters

Imposing tooth, 4 letters

A native or inhabitant of Afghanistan, 12 letters - we know the word that you can`t guess In case of any inconvenience..